Unpack the power of precise location


Our Products

Customer Insights & Protection


Use location data to better understand your customers

Customer Engagement


Connect and converse with customers using the power of precise location-based mobile engagement

How it works

 Pulse iD uses geolocation data to unlock powerful security, loyalty & identity services. These services transform the customer journey, improving experiences and engagement with your company.


Integrate our SDK

Integrate our SDK

Integrate the secure Pulse iD SDK as part of your next mobile app update. The Pulse iD SDK unlocks a toolbox of next generation services to anyone that has downloaded your mobile app.

Switch on Services

Switch on Services

Publish your app update. You don't need to make any other changes to your systems. Pulse iD engineers activate services on our backend.

Customers Opt-In

Customers Opt-In

Customers opt-in to services after they update their mobile app. Customers have full control over their privacy, the data they share and the services they subscribe to.

Our technology is proven, scalable & secure